Coupon Acronyms

Q:  coupon or Qpon…  then there is qponing, qponed, and now u are a Qponer!!
Haul:  This is what the Qponer brings home after a day of shopping for good deals.

MFQ or MQ Manufacturer’s Qpon  These are the ones that you are familiar with that are put out directly from the product’s manufacturer and has a standard bar code at the bottom with an expiration date typically at the top.
SQ:  Store Qpon.  This is a coupon whereas the store itself will have its own printed coupon with its store name on it.  These do not always have a barcode at the bottom and when they do have a barcode they look slightly different than MQ’s barcodes.  They also typically have an expiration date at the top.  Family Dollar, Publix, Kroger, and Target are a few examples.

TQ:  Target Coupon or Target Qpon. Very popular store coupon.  Target is known for stacking (see hamburger).
Stacking:   Stacking one deal on top of another.  Using both a store specific qpon (SQ) with a manufacturer qpon (MQ) on one product.  And/or stacking a percentage off coupon on top of that.  Here is an example of Target stacking.

BOGO: or B1G1  or Buy One Get One.   or sometimes it could be b1g1 free. B1g1 50% off or even B1g2 free.  Ect…
Blinkies:  In-store coupons near product, usually from a red blinking box.  We have all seen them. They are usually near the end of a row.  Children love these because when you pull one coupon out another coupon will replace it.  It sometimes takes forever to stand there and wait for these to come out.
Oop:  out of pocket… What exactly did you spend out of your pocket. Typically this is posted in the Facebook groups before taxes since taxes vary so widely across the nation.
Bd:  BD or Break Down.. this is used to describe and share the bottom line of your deal with others.  What was the sale, how much per item, what coupons did you use, and what is total oop.  (Please feel free to share your hauls in Coupon Group or Qpon Teacher.  It really gives encouragement to other newbies that want to help their family save money too!!
CAT or Catalina Coupon.  This is a coupon that will print at the register after you make a qualifying purchase.  Always be on the lookout for these as the cashier will not always remember to hand them to you!
IP:  Internet Printable Coupons. These you are printing from home. Printable Q’s are often higher in value and have longer expiration dates.
Here is a list of updated printable Q’s!!
RP:  Red Plum is a coupon Insert found in some of the Sunday newspapers and sometimes magazines.
SS:  Smart Source is a coupon insert found in some of the Sunday newspapers and sometimes magazines.
P&G:  Proctor & Gamble is a coupon Insert found in some Sunday newspapers.
DOUBLE COUPON:  This is a coupon that a store doubles in value.  Alot of Kroger’s and Publix will double Q’s up to 50 cents.  Kmart periodically has weeks where they will double Q’s up to $2.00!
MM:  Money Maker. When the deal is so awesome it makes you money.  This can often give you overage on your entire transaction.  Most stores will post in their store policies that overage must be spent on other items in your cart.  Stores don’t like to give you money back… So keep up with your calculations and spend the overage in their store before you get to the register.
ECB CVS Extra Care Bucks earned for purchases.  These are coupons that are like cash towards your next purchase.
FREE ITEM COUPON:  A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free.  Some stores will not accept these.
IVC Walgreen’s Instant Value Coupon (Found in the monthy EasySaver Catalog).
ISO:  In search of.. this is  sometimes used in Facebook groups to notify the people that offer clip and ship services that you are on the lookout for a particular Q with a particular value, or whole inserts, or maybe you are even iso a particular deal.
MIR:  Mail In Rebate.  We have all seen these and they are worth it if you follow through!!
CRT:  Cash register tape or register Q’s.  This is a coupon that prints in store at the register.  Again, always watch for these… don’t depend on the cashier to remember.
Fillers:  items that you buy only because the deal is worth it or items you purchase to avoid overage.
NED:  No expiration date.  These are very rare!!
OYNO:  On your next order.
Peelie:  Coupon that you peel off the package.  Be careful with these.. if you happen have a higher value Q that you would like to use instead then make sure you peel the peelie off and put it away because if the cashier happens to scan the peelie while scanning your items then the MQ that you have that is higher will not be able to be scanned later.  This is because most stores will only allow you to use 1 MQ per 1 product.
PSA:  Prices Starting At.
RR:  Register Rewards.
Tearpad:  A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display.
WYB:  When You Buy.

pp:  Paypal
fnf:  or ppff:  ppfnf:  This acronym is used when paying for your clipping or insert services with PayPal’s friends and family.  This option is often used when you trust the person you are sending payment to.  Paypal does not offer any guarantees with this form of payment.  This form of payment is often used in Facebook groups with trusted clippers or insert providers.
g&s: or ppgs  This acronym is used when paying for your clipping or insert services with PayPal’s goods & services.  It provides you with the insurance that PayPal offers.  This form of payment is highly recommended if you do not know and trust your clipper or insert provider. I have had to utilize this insurance due to never receiving promised Q’s and it was really worth paypal’s fees to get my refund.  This is not shipping insurance.. that is typically provided by the clipper or whole insert provider when they buy postage.