Rebates — Get these apps!

Qpon Tip:
Save more by checking out your rebate apps before and after you go to the store… never know what you may have bought if you would have known there was extra savings or what you may have bought and didn’t even realize there was rebates for it…
Happy Qponing Qponers!!
Savingsstar Link:
Ibotta Link:
Checkout 51 Link:

Qpon Math App — FREE!

Qpon Math is now available FREE in the Apple Store!!
From the extreme Qponer to the conservative shopper this is a must have app to help you calculate your price per item when using qpons.
Input the Q’s information and input the sale information and the app will calculate for you…
1. how many Q’s you need to use,
2. how many items you need to buy,
3. what your total cost is before Q’s,
4. what your total Qpon discount is,
5. and most importantly how much you will be paying per item!!
Get it NOW, it’s FREE!!
Only available on apple devices.. android coming soon.