DG Digital Q's

Qpon Tip for the Newbie 🙂
Be extremely careful as to what digital Q’s you load to your DG account. If the Q is a Digital MQ and you have a higher value paper Q, it will take the digital Q first and then your paper Q will not scan… You cannot stack MQ’s.
Pictured here you can see the difference.
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Is it a Dollar General Store Q or a MQ?

Is it a DG Q or a MQ?
(dollar general coupon or a manufacturers coupon)
WARNING… don’t let this happen to you:

All of the coupons except the ones with the logo “DG Store Coupon” at the TOP are actually manufacturer coupons, NOT DG Q’s!!   See pictures 🙂

If you load any of them from the app or your personal computer they are loaded until they expire and will trump your paper MQ if applied first…
This is especially important to know when using the 5/25 digital Q… if you happen to have a paper MQ of higher value (than the digital Q’s you previously loaded) you need to ask cashier to scan your paper Q’s first…
Keep in mind if you scan the paper mq’s before the cashier uses the 5/25 then this is also reducing your total amount (pre-tax) so if you have lower value MDQ’s loaded then if at all possible I suggest you go to the store during the week and get a paper 5/25 from your receipt… also keep in mind dg don’t always offer 5/25 on Saturday.
*** and remember the digital MQ will NOT stack with the paper MQ.
How to prevent?… be mindful of what you upload into your “digital dollar general wallet”…

Here is an example of DG Q’s….
Here is an example of what it looks like when you scroll over the Q… It brings up the “M” for manufacturer Q… if you don’t scroll over it you would automatically think that it is a store Q because it has Store Q written on it as well.. (notice “DG Store Coupon” is at the bottom)… although it states that.. it is NOT a store Q.. it is a MQ.

How to set Notifications and Follow on Facebook

Hi Qponers.
We will be using Facebook as a tool for learning, finding deals, sharing deals, ect.
In this video I will show you how to follow Facebook groups and set up notifications…….
I don’t want you to miss anything in here. So be sure to read every post, all the comments in the post, and like the post after reading it… That let’s me know that you read it. Hopefully after SETTING these up …you won’t miss a thing.
First we want to Click or Touch “info” (next to search) and this should be somewhat the same whichever device you have.  However, if you do have any issues just let me know.
Now scroll down to the bottom and Press or click on follow group. This will change it to unfollow group. Which means now you are following the group.
Now go to the top to notification settings then put the check mark in “all post” at the top and at the bottom. This way you won’t miss anything.
If we go back.. you can also find these settings here under “joined”.
If you have any questions let me know!
Blessings Qponers!

Qpon Math App — FREE!

Qpon Math is now available FREE in the Apple Store!!
From the extreme Qponer to the conservative shopper this is a must have app to help you calculate your price per item when using qpons.
Input the Q’s information and input the sale information and the app will calculate for you…
1. how many Q’s you need to use,
2. how many items you need to buy,
3. what your total cost is before Q’s,
4. what your total Qpon discount is,
5. and most importantly how much you will be paying per item!!
Get it NOW, it’s FREE!!
Only available on apple devices.. android coming soon.