DG Digital Q's

Qpon Tip for the Newbie 🙂
Be extremely careful as to what digital Q’s you load to your DG account. If the Q is a Digital MQ and you have a higher value paper Q, it will take the digital Q first and then your paper Q will not scan… You cannot stack MQ’s.
Pictured here you can see the difference.
Need help with Qpon Acronyms?  Click or touch here.

Checking out at Target

Have you ever wished you had a chart that told you how to check out at Target?  Now you have one!!
1st Use the dollar amount off dollar amount Q’s… example 10/20 Target Q ($10 off $20 purchase at Target).  These come in a variety of ways.  Sometimes we get them in the inserts, sometimes in the sales ads, sometimes on a flyer, ect…
The reason you use this coupon first is so that your total amount before coupons or any other discounts is calculated first.  If you start using your manufacturer coupons or other discounts first then your dollar amount may not reach the amount specified on your $/$ Store Q’s.
2nd Now hand all your single Target qpons to the cashier.  These can be found on Targets website in the link coupons.
3rd Now hand all your manufacturer Q’s to the cashier.
4th Don’t forget to use your Target Cartwheel… make sure your phone has enough battery before going to the store. To sign up for the cartwheel app click here.
5th  Use any Target Gifts cards that you received from previous transactions.  You can not use the gift card you may be receiving from this transaction.
6th Don’t forget to pay with your Red Card.. Red Card takes a little time to set up so if you don’t have one get one in advance before you plan your shopping trip.  To sign up for your Redcard click here.
Here is a handy tool to go by:
target burger couponfrenzee