Is it a Dollar General Store Q or a MQ?

Is it a DG Q or a MQ?
(dollar general coupon or a manufacturers coupon)
WARNING… don’t let this happen to you:

All of the coupons except the ones with the logo “DG Store Coupon” at the TOP are actually manufacturer coupons, NOT DG Q’s!!   See pictures 🙂

If you load any of them from the app or your personal computer they are loaded until they expire and will trump your paper MQ if applied first…
This is especially important to know when using the 5/25 digital Q… if you happen to have a paper MQ of higher value (than the digital Q’s you previously loaded) you need to ask cashier to scan your paper Q’s first…
Keep in mind if you scan the paper mq’s before the cashier uses the 5/25 then this is also reducing your total amount (pre-tax) so if you have lower value MDQ’s loaded then if at all possible I suggest you go to the store during the week and get a paper 5/25 from your receipt… also keep in mind dg don’t always offer 5/25 on Saturday.
*** and remember the digital MQ will NOT stack with the paper MQ.
How to prevent?… be mindful of what you upload into your “digital dollar general wallet”…

Here is an example of DG Q’s….
Here is an example of what it looks like when you scroll over the Q… It brings up the “M” for manufacturer Q… if you don’t scroll over it you would automatically think that it is a store Q because it has Store Q written on it as well.. (notice “DG Store Coupon” is at the bottom)… although it states that.. it is NOT a store Q.. it is a MQ.

Clip & Ship 9/25

Clip & Ships for 9/25
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Tide 2/1 Pods Q

Tide 2/1 Clipped

Tide 2/1 Tide Liquids Q

Tide 2/1 Clipped Liquid

Tresemme 5/2 Q


Tresemme 5/2 Q

Gain 2/1 Q

Gain 2/1 Q

Gillette Shave Gel 2/1

Gillette Shave Gel 2/1 Q

9/25/16 TN Whole Insert Previews

Whole Inserts and Clip and Ships

9/25 Whole Inserts
TN got RP, SS, P&G
4 ea (12 total) $10.56 shipped

6 ea (18 total) $12.72 shipped
10 ea (30 total) $17.04 shipped
15 ea (45 total) $22.45 shipped
20 ea (60 total) $27.86 shipped
30+ each insert message me.
Paypal fees are included in above prices.

Clip & Ship prices vary contact Terrena via Facebook here.

Red Plum

Smart Source


Thank you Qponers!
Let me know how I may serve you!!

Cheerios & Tiny Toast under $1

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Publix has Cheerios buy one get one free.
Plus use Publix coupon for buy any Cheerios and get a tiny toast cereal free. 
Plus we have coupons for a dollar off tiny toast and A dollar off Cheerios (if your publix doubles 50 cent Q.
See pics below.

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Ragu, Oatmeal, Cat Chow, Red Gold…

9/21/22 Haul
Wal-mart, Target, Petsmart

Red Gold Tomatoes
Regular Price:  88 cents
Buy 5 Use (1) $1.50/5 MQ from 9/11ss
oop:  58 each cents plus tax
also Walmart
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Price match deal with Publix bogo
Regular price:  2.98 (publix price)
TN bogo is half price.. sooo $1.49 each
Buy 2 Use (1) $1.00/2 MQ from 9/11rp
oop:  $1.00 per box plus tax
Ragu on sale for $1.63
Bought 4, used (4) $1.00/1 MQ’s from 9/11ss
Wash Cloth set on sale for $3.48
Used a $5.00 off $10.00 Target Store Q that I received in the mail.
oop:  $1.39 for all with tax.
Did a price match with Publix’s bogo Cat Chow
Petsmart would not price match the price and the bogo so I opted for the bogo.
Thankfully Petsmart had them on sale for $6.49 each.
Used (3) $5.00 off any Purina peelies.
oop $6.39 with tax


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