Qpons for Troops


The Support Our Troops® Troopons® program enhances the well-being of overseas and domestic military families by sending them food, non-food, baby, and pet manufacturer coupons to make their hard-earned dollars go farther.
What are Troopons?                                                                  coupons-lg
Troopons® are what you can do with coupons you don’t use! 
Send them to the troops overseas!
It’s an easy way to make a big difference in their lives.
pdfPrint and use our handy clipping/packing instructions. They get them packed the way the commissaries need them:)
How You Can Help
Here at home it’s easy — our papers and magazines arrive full of coupons. Overseas, for military families, it doesn’t.
But — the stores on overseas military bases accept manufacturer coupons from the United States–even expired ones (see rules below).
And here at home military families are not always able to afford the magazines and newspapers that provide coupons.
Couponing1So what can we do? Well, this is America. We can do anything! Let’s all pitch in to help these amazing men, women and families reduce their grocery bills and free up some of their pay for other necessities or niceties.
Shopping abroad can be especially tough for military families, because currency exchange rates don’t always benefit them, meaning their earnings may not go as far as they would at home. For example, off base, a military family’s dollar is worth following:

  • England: 66¢
  • Germany:  76¢
  • Japan:  90¢

So every dollar you can help them save in their on-base store, makes their American dollar worth more to them for things off-base.
Troopons Make a Difference
“It is AMAZING to me how many coupons are sent and how much we can save by using them! It is truly a blessing to us all!  Thank you for your dedication to supporting our military and their families overseas!  P.S. LOVE the baby, diaper, and Pull-Ups coupons!! Oh, who am I kidding, I love ALL the coupons! THANK YOU!!!!!” – Dawn ~Happy Military Spouse and Mommy to Two Wonderful Angels, currently in Germany
“Hallo, I just would like to let you know that we received your coupons. Thank you very much and mainly for separating them in to those 4 categories for us, it helps a lot. Thank you! God bless you and take care!”~ Illesheim, Germany
How to Send Troopons
Simply mail your coupons the cheapest way you can to us, and we will make sure they get to the troops:
Support Our Troops®
P.O. Box 70
Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070
SupportOurTroops.Org administers the routing from there forward to base stores worldwide, and to bases across the U.S. following the constantly changing needs related to category and quantity per location.
What Should I Send?
Coupons must be:

  • From manufacturers for individual products; examples include items like soup, pasta, or toothpaste.
  • Not for individual stores – coupons for individual stores cannot be used.
  • Clipped out individually.
  • Packaged in sandwich or quart-size plastic bags
  • Not assistance vouchers, not food stamps or the like; not restaurant coupons
  • Separated into food, non-food, baby, and pet baggies (the military advises they will recycle unsorted coupons due to lack of manpower).

Over the past year we’ve have noticed some trends in the coupon program that I’d like to share in order to better meet the needs of our population:

  • Most families prefer food coupons first
  • Baby supplies second
  • Common household goods third
  • Our commissary no longer distributes internet coupons due to on-line forgeries.

Tips for Sending Coupons
   Watch the Coupon Dates!

  • Match the expiration dates to the shipping addresses very carefully so they’re routed to the proper location.
  • Expired coupons are not valid for use on U.S. bases. Please keep in mind that there is travel time to bases overseas, whether you’re sending to families here or abroad, think about leaving a couple of months available for usage

   Clip Out Your Coupons.

  • pdfPrint and use our handy clipping/packing instructions.
  •  We can’t clip them for you and the bases will not accept them because they don’t have the manpower.
  • Save people at the base time (they’re doing quite enough for all of us already!)
  • Save on your postage (why pay to ship all the rest of that sheet of paper?

   Good Coupons

  • Only “Manufacturer’s Coupons” can be used.
  • They can be from the newspaper, dispensers in grocery stores, tear-pads, and elsewhere as long as they state “Manufacturer’s Coupon” on them.

   Bad Coupons

  • No assistance vouchers.
  • No food stamps.
  • No store coupons.
  • No restaurant coupons.
  • No Internet coupons.

   Sort & Pack the Coupons

  • Pack them separated in sandwich or quart-size plastic bags.
  • Bases usually have a grocery store and a department store.
  • Separate food, baby products, and non-food coupons to help the base volunteers and personnel send them to the right stores.
  • Don’t use rubber bands, paper clips, etc.

   Mark the Bags

  • Write “food,” “baby,” “non-food” on the outside of each bag.
  • Write the approximate value on the outside of the bag.
  • Use the maximum value printed on any “buy one, get one free” offers.
  • If none is printed, estimate.

Scientific Survey Shows Troopons® Importance
SOT just conducted a survey of troops regarding the Troopons program.  It was administrated by a qualified Ph.D. survey specialist to assure scientific validity.
The results were astounding!
The findings show the following about military families served by the Troopons Program:

  • Over 60% said they use Troopons several times each month
  • 33% said they use Troopons weekly

Military families say use their savings to:

  • pay other bills
  • send their children to college
  • simply “make ends meet”
  • purchase things they otherwise could not afford

pdfSee the whole survey results here.


Are We still doing this?
Yes, if you see this page, we are still doing this.
This is patriotic, but not tax deductible.
You’ll get your benefit by feeling good now, and when you meet God, not when you file with the taxman.
Is There a Minimum Donation Size?
A million grains of sand make a big beach.
What is “Food”?

  • Food can be eaten or drank by humans for nourishment.
  • Chewing gum and mints are considered food.

What is Non-Food?

  • Housewares, animal food, vitamins, etcare not food.

Why Put the Value of Coupons on the Bag?

  • So that we can allocate the amounts among the various bases according to their sizes and needs.
  • So that we can track how much good is happening by all us little people.

Does SOT Ship Coupons to Individual Military Families?

  • No. All of the shipments go to the base stores at which all of the surrounding families will end up anyway. It would be far too expensive and administratively difficult to split out and ship to millions of individual addresses. It would be impossible to estimate and control the proper quantity to individual addresses, and the bulk of them would be wasted be wasted.

Why do you Deem it Best to Ship Only to Military Stores?

  • It is by far the most efficient method. We can ship in bulk, which saves tremendously on shipping cost. Everyone wants charities to have low overhead and this is one smart way to do it. Families can use what they need while they are at the store and put back what they did not use so that the next shopper may use them. Everyone goes to these stores anyway to do their shopping, and these stores are where the coupons need to end up.
  • Further, by dealing only at the store level we are able to ship more to stores which tell us they need more, pause shipments to stores that say they have too much, and send less to stores that tell us they need less. This could not possibly be affordably done at the individual level.

Can Off-Base Families Use These Coupons?

  • Absolutely. Most of the off-base families go on base to do their shopping. And so the coupons will be right there at the store where they are needed. Everyone wants charities to maintain low overhead and avoid waste. Shipping to the store allows us to concentrate the resource were will be found by everybody going there whether they come from on-base or off-base. Postage and shipping to thousands of addresses around bases, multiplied by hundreds of bases, would be astronomically expensive and use up funds that could be spent on other wonderful SupportOurTroops.Org programs benefiting active-duty military. So whether one lives off base or on base they can use the Troopons program because they will find the Troopons located at the on-base store.

Can People Take Coupons From the Store to Use Off Base?

  • That is up to the policies set by your local base store. Once delivered to the store by SOT, ownership is relinquished and the use of these coupons by the store is without restriction. SupportOurTroops.Org does not believe it needs to micromanage matters after delivery and that such decisions are best made within the military community. SOT just gets its hands on as much stuff as it can and pushes over to the military.
  • Once it is in the military’s hands, the military is best to determine particular aspects of its use.

Buying|Selling Coupons

  • We do not sell coupons. And this is not an offer to buy coupons. This transfer program is void where prohibited.
  • We also try not to accept coupons from companies or products wanting to prohibit free transfer of their coupons to military families. In the opinion of many such a practice would be un-American. But to assist implementing the wishes of a company or product wanting their coupons not to be given to military families, we will upon notice post a list of such companies and products on this webpage to notify all good Americans participating in the Troopons program of that company’s position and behavior in order to assist in avoiding collection of those types of coupons.

 Let’s make the troops as proud of us as we are of them!
Japan, April 10, 2011: “Good morning, On behalf of the Marines, Sailors, civilian employees and family members aboard Marine Corp Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, we would like to thank you and your organization for preparing and sending coupons to our service members and families. We truly appreciate your commitment and contribution to our coupon distribution program and would love for you to keep us on your mailing list. Our personal financial manager here at Marine and Family Services conducts a quarterly “Biggest Saver Coupon Contest,” and it has been a huge success here on the air station. Last quarter’s winner saved $216.95, and the biggest saver overall saved over $650. The winners receive a free one-hour massage. As you can see, the work that you have put forth with these coupons was not in vain. Again, thank you for all that you do to support our military community.” Sincerely, Marine and Family Services, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
United Kingdom: “When we receive coupons, our staff separates them into small sealable sandwich bags then affixes labels . . . that all coupons are good for six months past expiration in overseas commissaries. We recently purchased over a dozen stand-alone baskets to hold bags of coupons and strategically placed them around our installation. The popularity of this program has grown to where we restock most baskets weekly and have received numerous comments from individuals on how much these coupons have saved them (up to 70% in some instances). Even I spend an evening once a month sifting through coupon bags at home!” ~~ Col Frank —-
For more info and printable instructions follow link below 🙂

Price Match: Tidy Cats Brand Breeze Cat Litter

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How to BOGO…

Did you know not all states are true BOGO states?
Tennessee is not true bogo… is yours?
Know what your state’s bogo is!!!

Example… if product price is $2.00
True bogo State:
Buy one for $2 get the other free …
So…when you present your bogo Q you get both for free!
Tennessee is not a true bogo state…
So…when we have a coupon that is Bogo and a sale that is Bogo it is not free to us…
Tennessee looks like this…
Buy one for $1
and get the second one for a $1.00…
then when you use the Bogo Q..
buy one for $1 and get second one free.
Tennesseans are still paying $1 for both ($0.50 each).

bogo chart

6/28/15 Whole Insert Previews

We have two inserts this week.
(1) Redplum & (1) Smart Source
Place your order with buy it now button here:
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6/28 Red Plum ** Scroll down on the page to see the SS **
20150628_114706 20150628_114711 20150628_114714 20150628_114741 20150628_114745 20150628_114750 20150628_114823 20150628_114828 20150628_114846 20150628_114850 20150628_114900 20150628_114906 20150628_114918 20150628_114932 20150628_114936 20150628_114941 20150628_114956 20150628_115001 20150628_115015 20150628_115054 20150628_115058 20150628_115102 20150628_115118 20150628_115126 20150628_115137 20150628_115153 20150628_115158 20150628_115202 20150628_115214 20150628_115221 20150628_115237 20150628_115242 20150628_115258 20150628_115303 20150628_115324 20150628_115328 20150628_115334 20150628_115346 20150628_115355 20150628_115401
6/28 Smart Source

20150628_112953 20150628_113002 20150628_113052 20150628_113104 20150628_113114 20150628_113137 20150628_113141 20150628_113146 20150628_113150 20150628_113215 20150628_113220 20150628_113223 20150628_113227 20150628_113250 20150628_113259 20150628_113319 20150628_113336 20150628_113340 20150628_113343 20150628_113347 20150628_113404 20150628_113417 20150628_113440 20150628_113517 20150628_113525 20150628_113538 20150628_113542 20150628_113552 20150628_113556 20150628_113609 20150628_113621 20150628_113626 20150628_113641 20150628_113644 20150628_113650 20150628_113703 20150628_113717 20150628_113721 20150628_113758 20150628_113815 20150628_113821 20150628_113827 20150628_114026 20150628_114031 20150628_114037 20150628_114053 20150628_114057 20150628_114101 20150628_114127 20150628_114131 20150628_114142 20150628_114146 20150628_114150 20150628_114205 20150628_114219 20150628_114223 20150628_114407 20150628_114414 20150628_114418 20150628_114541 20150628_114602 20150628_114605 20150628_114613 20150628_114626 20150628_114631 20150628_114635

6/28 Whole Inserts – Order form

6/28 Whole Inserts
Whole insert orders are shipped priority mail via USPS. If you make your payment before 11 a.m. CST your whole inserts will be shipped that same day (first shipment on Monday 29th)
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June 28st (1) Redplum (1) Smart Source


6/21 Whole Insert Previews

We have two inserts this week.
(1) Redplum & (1) Smart Source
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Redplum Preview Here:
20150621_104649 20150621_104656 20150621_104700 20150621_104703 20150621_104719 20150621_104802 20150621_104815 20150621_104819 20150621_104822 20150621_104826 20150621_104843 20150621_104846 20150621_104852 20150621_104909 20150621_104915 20150621_104919 20150621_104938 20150621_104950 20150621_104958 20150621_105008
Smart Source Preview Here:
20150621_103858 20150621_103941 20150621_103945 20150621_104008 20150621_104013 20150621_104019 20150621_104024 20150621_104043 20150621_104048 20150621_104054 20150621_104116 20150621_104122 20150621_104147 20150621_104157 20150621_104204 20150621_104233 20150621_104239 20150621_104250 20150621_104308 20150621_104314 20150621_104332 20150621_104336 20150621_104342 20150621_104400 20150621_104422 20150621_104426 20150621_104431 20150621_104503 20150621_104507 20150621_104512 20150621_104531 20150621_104536 20150621_104540 20150621_104601 20150621_104604 20150621_104626