Qpon Ethics: 2 identical per shopping trip

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Qpon Ethics: Don’t forget to watch out for the Qpon’s limits…

This treseme Q states that only “2 identical” qpons allowed in same shopping trip. Some stores will allow you to make multiple transactions and each transaction is considered one shopping trip. Or if you leave that store and go to another store.. that is one shopping trip.. some stores will even say if you take it out to your car, come back in, that is another shopping trip.

What I do is ask, “Can I do multiple transactions at this location..” then if the manager says, “yes”… then I get back in line after each transaction not making other customers wait behind me during multiple transactions. If the manger says, “no”… then I go to a different store…

If your Q states “Per Day” or “Per household” then that is a different story altogether.. it would be against the coupons restrictions to go to multiple stores and/or complete multiple transactions unless shopping for multiple households.

Qpon Limits